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Billing Methods

Intercounty Electric Standard Billing

Intercounty Electric's cycle billing accounts are billed on average every thirty days. IECA gathers usage information during that period and produces a bill within a few days after the last reading for that billing period. Your electric bill is due upon receipt. IECA does provide a 15 day grace period for your bill to be paid before late charges are applied to your account. Late charges are 10% of the electric charges.

If your bill is not paid by the end of business on the 15th day after your bill date a late fee will be charged to your account the following day.

Your account is subject to immediate disconnection if your bill is not paid within 10 business days after the 15 day grace period.  If you find yourself in this situation and you are unable to pay the total due amount before the cutoff date please contact our billing department at the cooperative to see if you are eligible for a payment arrangement. If you can only pay a partial amount please contact the office to see if it is enough to avoid disconnection. A partial payment alone without further agreement with the cooperative will not avoid service disconnection.

The following fees are related to a disconnection of service:

  • Disconnection Fee (Trip Charge)
  • Reconnection Fee
  • After Hours Surcharge

In addition to the above fees a disconnected account will be subject to a deposit review which may result in an increased deposit or an initial deposit amount being required to provide security for the account. 

If you have any questions concerning your account billings please contact our billing department at the cooperative.


PrePay Power

 Intercounty Electric Cooperative is making strides to better serve our members and to help meet the needs of the consumer. One of our most recent efforts has been adding the PrePay Power billing. This new and exciting way of billing for electrical services works as a pre-paid program that provides the member increased awareness of their electricity usage while providing convenience for their payments. This program is unique in that it requires no deposit and allows the member to be exempt from late fees.

IECA feels that the more the member is aware of their energy usage the easier it will be for that member to control their usage. The PrePay Power program gives the member access to their daily energy usage and provides them a cost for their electricity on a daily basis. The member can choose to pay often in small amounts that may fit their lifestyle better or continue to make larger monthly payments.

Pre-paid account holders are not mailed monthly paper statements. Your account transaction history (kilowatt hour usage, charges and payments) will be available via the internet at Recent payment postings and daily balances will also be available through Intercounty Electric's Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).


Budget Billing

What are my options?

Intercounty Electric is happy to offer a method of billing for residential accounts that will help members who are on a fix monthly income and need their bills to avoid the volatility that the weather can cause. Our budget billing option helps smooth out the highs and lows of a member’s monthly bill during the year allowing them to budget their monthly expenses more accurately.

IECA’s budget billing is a variable type of billing that is truly a levelized billing. Every month IECA recalculates the 12 month average billing for the account and bills the member the average amount. There is no catch-up month used in the budget billing. When the account is closed there will be a final billing to true up the account, at that time if there is a credit due to the member a refund check will be issued. Likewise if there is a final amount due to the cooperative the member will be responsible for the final amount due.

If the member becomes delinquent on the budget billing program the account will be removed from the program and set back as a standard billing account. A final bill to true up the budget program will be due at this time.

The following are the requirements an account must meet before moving to the budget billing:

• The account must have had continuous service at the location for at least 12 months
• The account must have all charges paid in full before switching to budget billing
• The account must have not been disconnected for non-payment or have checks return unpaid
• The member cannot have any uncollectable account balances with the cooperative
• The account must set up as a residential service

If you would like to sign up for this program or just have questions about the program please contact member services.


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