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PrePay Power

Intercounty now has the opportunity to provide Prepaid Metering to our members as a payment option. This program provides numerous potential benefits to members that may find this payment method preferable to more traditional post-usage billing. In traditional billing systems, most of us have little if any knowledge how many dollars in energy we have consumed until we receive our bill the following month. At this point, our ability to control and make decisions that could lower our bill are no longer available and we are left with the responsibility of making a payment within a specified time in order to avoid late fees or potential interruption of service.

 How would I convert my account to Prepaid?

 New and existing accounts will be provided with the option of voluntary participation in the pre-pay program.  The member will be given a simple form to be filled out in order to establish or convert their account to pre-pay.

 How will I be able to track my account balance?

 Each member that participates in the program will be given the option to purchase an In Home Display (IHD) that is merely plugged into an existing outlet in your home.  The device will display daily information regarding the balance of your account and other useful information regarding your electrical consumption.  This knowledge will provide members with actual data that will allow them to make informed decisions regarding their account.  The IHD will also notify you when the balance of the account reaches a minimum balance in order to avoid unnecessary disconnection.

 What payment options will be available?

 Payments may be made in person, by phone, or online.  In order to keep the IHD information current, we do not encourage payments to be sent through the mail or paid at banks-both of which may take several days to reach our office and credit your account.

 Are the rates different for Prepaid?

 No.  The rates for consumption are the same as other members who do not participate in the program.  Members that participate in the program will pay a minimal monthly fee to offset the equipment costs necessary to support the program.

 Will Prepaid help me use less electricity?

 Statistics indicate prepaid electricity programs help lower electric usage due to the member’s awareness of their consumption.  Therefore, any member interested in monitoring and lowering his electricity use would benefit from the program.

 Why should you consider pre-pay as an option to your current billing?


  1. No Deposit Requirement - In a pre-pay environment no deposit is required of the member.
  2. Ability to Monitor and Manage Energy Usage - Members that utilize the program will have daily updates regarding their electrical consumption and the corresponding balance of their account.  This allows the member to make informed decisions regarding their account and provides them the opportunity to control their electrical consumption in a manner that meets their personal situation.
  3. Payment Flexibility - As a member of a pre-pay program, you make payments as needed and at a time of your choosing.  This provides a level of flexibility not available in traditional billing systems.  Payments can be made in person, by telephone, or online. 


Contact Office Services toll-free at 866-621-3679 to discuss switching your account over to prepaid metering.

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