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Security Lighting


April 1, 2017
This schedule is available for electric service for dusk-to-dawn.
Single or Three phase, 60 hertz, at available voltages.
Lamp Type                                    Lamp Size        Rate
Mercury Vapor:                              175 Watt       $11.64*           
                                                       250 Watt       $14.95             
High Pressure Sodium:                 100 Watt       $11.20               
                                                      150 Watt       $13.91  
Light Emitting Diode (LED):            40 Watt            
  Metered                                                        $  4.11
  Unmetered                                         $ 11.20                                                                                                       
*MV and HPS lights will be discontinued when the light requires repairs or maintenance.
The minimum term of any contract under this rate schedule will be between twelve (12) months usage at the monthly rate specified.
The above rate shall be subject to all sales and franchise taxes levied or imposed by laws or ordinances which are incurred by the Cooperative.
If a meter, or more than one meter, is required by the member's installation, or for the member's convenience, bills will be independently calculated for each meter at the residential rate.
Street light equipment, including lamps fixtures, and time switches will be furnished and installed by the cooperative. Installation charges will be $75.00 for a dusk-to-dawn light installed on an existing Cooperative pole without any retrofit required. The charge for setting an additional wood pole, or retrofit of any existing pole to accommodate a fixture, will be $150.00.
The Cooperative will own and operate lighting systems and provide normal lamp replacements. Other maintenance and/or special equipment or installation requirements shall be at the member's expense.
Temporary service shall be in accordance with the rate schedule, except that the member shall pay, in addition to the specified rate and charges, construction and demolition costs associated with the service, less the value of material returned to stock. An advance deposit may be required of the full amount of the total estimated costs.
The above charges are net. Gross charges are ten percent (10%) higher. In the event payment is not made by or on the 15th day after the postmark date of the bill, the gross charges shall apply. Member will be disconnected if bill has not been paid on the disconnect date. Upon service re-connection, service fee(s) will be charged to the account.
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